3 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Travel

Woman relaxing by the pool
Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash

We don’t have to tell you how much travel has changed over the past year due to the pandemic. Even though traveling has started to look like what it used to, there’s no doubt that things have changed. While some changes are temporary, others may be here to stay. Here are three ways the pandemic has changed the way we vacation.

More Airline Flexibility

Postponing and canceling trips used to be really difficult and expensive, but many airlines have gotten rid of change fees for most tickets. However, cheap tickets and economy passenger ones still may have change fees. You may also have to pay the difference between the cost of your original flight and the new one.

Breakfast and Buffets Have Changed

For a while, breakfast and buffets disappeared, but now they’re coming back and they’re a bit different. At more expensive hotels, they’re back, but the food stations are staffed by people who plate the food for you and no guest touches the utensils or the food.

Your Hotel Room Won’t Automatically Be Cleaned Daily

Before the pandemic, many hotels encouraged you not to have your towels and sheets changed daily to be more eco-friendly. Now, hotels may not be able to clean every room daily because of staffing shortages. Also, you may not want people in your room unnecessarily.