The Best Reasons to Visit Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan. Photo by Hisham Zayadnh on Unsplash

If Jordan still isn’t one of the countries on your bucket list, you’ll change your mind after learning more about it—especially its capital of Amman. This charming city has something in store for everyone, and here are a few reasons why you should visit it sooner than later.

Rich History

Amman went through many hands throughout history and spent some time under Roman, Persian, and Ottoman rule. Important historical sites are scattered all around it, including Amman Citadel and Roman Theater.

Cultural Scene

You can explore Jordan’s rich history in Amman’s museums, but some of them are dedicated to art, as well. If you want to explore the city’s cultural scene, the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is a good place to start.

Amazing Food

Passionate foodies will also feel right home in Amman since you can taste some of the most popular specialties of the Middle Eastern cuisine in this city, ranging from mansaf to hummus and falafel.

Beautiful Nature

If Amman itself doesn’t take your breath away, its surrounding nature certainly will. Mount Nebo is one of the best day-trip destinations, and it offers the most stunning views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the hills of Jerusalem.