The Best Bali Cafes to Take Instagram Photos At

We live in a time when we don’t just pick a place to eat based on how good their food is, but also on whether we can take interesting photos to put on our Insta. This is especially true during travels, so we found three great spots in Bali, Indonesia where you can take Insta-worthy photos.

Mad Pops

White tiles, succulents, and neon signs make the perfect backdrop for all your photos from Bali. You can take as many incredible photos as you like here!

Motel Mexicola

This picturesque place will give you a dash of Mexico in the middle of Indonesia with its bright and vibrant interior. Enjoy a coffee or a fresh juice during the day or stop by in the evening when the place turns into a big fiesta. Either way, you’ll have the chance to take some incredible photos.


KYND cafe was designed with travelers hunting for the perfect Instagram shot in mind. Its interior bursts in colors and fabulous details that you simply have to include in your photos.