Pasteis de Belem is a Must-Visit in Lisbon

Photo by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

Do you have a trip to the beautiful Portuguese capital city of Lisbon planned in the future? This Atlantic metropolis certainly has a ton to see, including its famous hilltop castle and the world-renowned Lisbon Aquarium, but foodie travelers must not forget to put one destination on their Lisbon to-do list: Pasteis de Belem.

Located in the heart of the Belem neighborhood, next to the beautiful Manueline monastery and located close to the Monumento dos Descubrimentos, is a bakery that has been producing delicious treats for nearly 200 years.

The monks and nuns that once resided in the neighborhood’s monastery resorted to making small egg custard tarts to sell in order to raise money for their religious mission. They then saw how popular these “pasteis de nata” became, and a bakery which still stands today opened.

Now, visitors to Lisbon come from far and wide to try fresh “pasteis de Belem” at the namesake bakery. Visitors are greeted with beautiful blue azulejo tiles that show the process and history of the production of these pastries.

After taking a seat and ordering your tarts for a ridiculously cheap price, they will be brought to your table steaming hot. The best way to enjoy these delicious pastries is with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and cinnamon on top.

Be sure to visit this iconic Lisbon spot if you find yourself in Portugal’s capital!