The 3 Best National Parks For Your Mental Health

National parks that are good for mental health
Denali National Park, Alaska. Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

Spending a significant amount of time in nature can reap a lot of mental health benefits. After a year of the pandemic forcing you to stay time indoors, it’s vital to spend time outside and maintain your mental health. It’s therefore no surprise that there are a lot of national parks that are especially good for your wellbeing around the world.

Swiss National Park, Switzerland

This is the oldest park in the Alps, and it was named the most mindful park worldwide. This is all thanks to its low pollution and the number of visitors, but it also has beautiful views and tons of activities within the park.

Banff National Park, Canada

The Banff National Park has many different hiking trails, activities, and wildlife. It also has 15 spas for people to enjoy their share of wellness.

Denali National Park, Alaska, North America

Denali has a relatively low number of visitors, about 600,000 per year. That translates to less stressful crowds, but it also has quiet hiking trails, scenic views, and hundreds of species of wild animals to discover. It’s the perfect place to unplug and get back to nature, and it’s also home to Mount McKinley, which is the tallest peak in North America and thus ideal for climbers.