Solo Honeymoon is a New Trend

Photo by Una Kao on Unsplash

“Unimoon”, or a solo honeymoon, is the latest travel trend and we’re not sure we’re ready for it. Apparently, going on separate honeymoons after the wedding is something more and more people are doing.

“Neither of us wanted to be where the other one was,” said one recent bride for The New York Times. “We each came back to Dublin full of stories, buzzing of our trips and truly delighted to see each other again to share the memories: It was the perfect imperfect honeymoon.”

Many people don’t seem to understand this, though. Depending on how you look at it, you can see this trend as a sign of the evolution of marriage or as a sign of bad partner choice. After all, what does it say about your relationship if you don’t even want to spend your honeymoon together?