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In the sleepy country of Guatemala, lies the town of San Pedro La Laguna. This place has some of the best local products such as corn, avocados and coffee beans too. With under 13,500 inhabitants, the culture is no doubt conserved with the indigenous community making up about 90% of the population.

People who flock to this town are usually expats, hippies and free-minded people coming from Europe, America and other parts of Central and South America.

Tranquil Beaches

The best time to soak in the Guatemalan sun is any time since the weather is usually in summer mode and perfect for seasoned travelers. Dip your feet in the beautiful Lake Atitlan with a few friends or even jump from one of the docks at your local hostel.

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Hike up to La Nariz de Indio

The sunrise peeking out of the mountains and shining over Lake Atitlan and Volcano San Pedro is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. It’s also called the Indian Nose since the view from the top looks like a face upturned to the clouds. The peak is about 73432 ft tall so make sure to go with a group or a local to avoid detours and mishaps.

There are many ways to traverse there and you can even pay to descend from the mountain if you’re too exhausted.