Salamanca Place Offers a Quintessential Hobart Experience

Salamanca Place, Hobart, Australia.
Salamanca Place, Hobart, Australia. Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Tasmania, you’ll probably start your journey from its capital of Hobart. This city has many amazing attractions in store, but if we had to pick one that perfectly captures its spirit, it would definitely be Salamanca Place—and here are three reasons why you should check it out.

Salamanca Market

If we had to choose a single spot that you shouldn’t miss while exploring Salamanca Place, it would definitely be Salamanca Market. The fact it’s only open on Saturdays isn’t stopping it from being one of the city’s top tourist attractions, and you can find everything from local produce and food to arts and crafts on one of its 300 stalls.

Foodies Paradise

Even without Salamanca Market, Salamanca Place would still be Hobart’s paradise for foodies. Many bars and eateries line its streets and the nearby wharves, and you’ll never run out of new places to explore local foods while roaming around Hobart’s busiest precinct.

Thriving Art Scene

Art lovers visiting Hobart also won’t be disappointed by Salamanca Place. This precinct is the heart of the city’s art scene because it happens to be home to Salamanca Arts Centre. This cultural space is one of Hobart’s biggest art hubs, and it offers everything from art galleries and studios to theaters and shops.