Poznań, Poland Will Wow You With its Natural Beauty

Park Sołacki, Poznań, Poland
Park Sołacki, Poznań, Poland. Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Like most cities in Poland, Poznań is best known for its rich history and amazing architecture, but there are more attractions than meets the eye. You’ll find this Polish city equally impressive if you happen to be a nature lover, since it’s home to some pretty amazing outdoor attractions, including these three sites.

Lake Malta

Poznań is famously located on the River Warta, but also has several other beautiful lakes in the area. Man-made Lake Malta is one of the city’s most popular outdoor attractions, and you can enjoy a wide range of recreational attractions during your visit.

Citadel Park

Located on the grounds of the 19th-century fort, Citadel Park is now Poznań’s largest attraction of its kind, and is home to some pretty memorable spots. It’s instantly recognizable thanks to the impressive sculptures scattered around it. Not just that, but it’s also home to a military museum, cemeteries, and fortification remains.

Poznań Palm House

Palm trees may not be the first type of plant you think of when someone mentions Poznań, but there’s one spot in this city where they can truly thrive—Poznań Palm House. This botanical garden is home to 10 pavilions that explore several different ecosystems, ranging from subtropical to savanna.