Portugal’s Electric Blue Wine is a Must try

Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash

Portugal is a southern European country you just cannot miss. It’s extremely popular for its grilled sardines and delicious dishes. Its location in the Atlantic Ocean has made it the hotbed for great seafood dishes.

One of the best drinks to pair with meals in Portugal is the bright blue wine that almost matches the colors of their waters. Wine is an integral part of their drinking culture and is definitely worth the experience when traveling there.

A Swimming Pool of Pigments

How is the color of this odd drink produced? Well, it’s simply a matter of chemistry. The blueish color is a product of a combination of red, white and organic colors and tastes.

Tastes Just like Another Strain of Grape

Often times, it can equal the taste of Riesling – a white wine variety. Since Reisling naturally tastes sweet with a hint of perfume – it has a pure and smooth taste. Because the taste of blue wine is likened to white wine – it might taste similar to a cold glass of Riesling.

Drink the Sea

In psychology, the color blue is the most calming color that our eyes can see. Upon seeing it – the color instantly slows down the body’s metabolism making your body naturally calmer and relaxed. So now you can remain zen while drinking wine – how cool is that?