Plan a Fall Getaway at Any of These Incredible Spots

Ridgway, Colorado. Photo by Thomas Morse on Unsplash

If you are looking for a reason to get away this fall, these three states give you all the fall vibes you and your Instagram feed could ever ask for!

North Carolina

North Carolina is a big state, and within it, there are some great fall spots to check out. Head west towards the Blue Ridge Mountains and explore Asheville. The downtown, West Asheville, River Arts District, and other neighborhoods are so fun to shop in and eat at, while just a short drive away you can go hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains surrounded by the changing leaves.

New York State

While New York City is always amazing, head upstate and see a completely different view of New York. Visit the Adirondacks region where they have the Adirondacks mountains, along with amazing lakes like the famous Lake Placid. If you want a quiet getaway with tons of natural beauty, this is the place for you to spend fall.


Though people mostly go to Colorado for skiing, it’s actually a great place to visit during the fall. The weather is not as intense, all the leaves, and each city has so many festivities going on!