Oslo is an Objectively Cool City

Oslo Opera House, Oslo, Norway. Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

Oslo is the capital of Norway and is such a unique Scandavniavn country. With roots from the Vikings, Oslo has so much historical relevance in the modern-day, but it’s also just a lovely city where you can really feel people enjoying a way of life that is simple and easy. So take a stroll around Oslo and find your place.

What to Do

When people think of Norway, a lot of people think of the Vikings, which is a good connection to make. Even if you’re not a huge history buff, you need to visit the Viking Ship Museum. This museum hosts 3-9th century Viking ships, all preserved impeccably. It’s amazing to think about how these vessels were built without any modern technology, and the craftsmanship that went into each one is breathtaking.

One of the most famous attractions in Oslo is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. This site celebrates the Norweigan sculptor Gustav Vigeland, a late 19th century/early 20th-century sculptor, by displaying more than 600 of his pieces made up of all sorts of mediums.

Seeing these large sculptures up close and being able to interact with them outside, all year round is such a cool artistic experience. Also, the park is located inside Frogner Park, which you should definitely take advantage of after you go through the sculptures!

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The oldest church in Oslo is called Gamle Aker Kirke, or Old Aker Church, and it is so stunning. This church was built in Medieval times, and it’s actually not only the oldest church but the oldest building in the entire city!

After you visit the church, continue onto Damstredet and Telthusbakken if you’re keen on seeing some incredible architecture! These small streets are secretly famous because they have tons of houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries that are fully functioning and totally unique. They’re built in a style called vernacular architecture, where only local materials are used, and each house is built in a completely different look, which is so unique.

Oslo is a city famous for its numerous flea markets, so if you’re into finding quirky antiques and artisan items, you’re in the right spot.

There are many different markets or markeds in Norweigan, but one of the best is Krakabøla Marked. This market is the oldest in Oslo and is held in the city’s Old Town, appropriately. The market has many items, old and new, with a big ecological focus. There are also tons of food stalls, live music, and activities, and really is an event that people of any age can enjoy!

What to Eat

There are so many cool foods to try in Oslo because Norway has such a cool gastronomical history. One thing that you can’t miss is something called brown cheese. This kind of cheese isn’t something you would have piles of, it’s a strong caramelized cheese that people use on toast, and often you’ll find it as flavorings to sweets like ice cream and more! One cool way to try it is on a sweet and savory waffle from Haralds Vaffel, it’s so worth it!