Nicaragua is an Absolute Gem in Central America

Photo by Sam Hull on Unsplash

Nicaragua is a country in Central America just north of Costa Rica that really should get more attention. Not only is there the Carribean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, but there are many lakes and waterfalls in between.

Nicaragua is really a paradise for people who love to explore nature, and even if you only want to appreciate it from a distance, there’s still plenty of activities to do. So get your gear on and head out to beautiful Nicaragua.

What to Do

Nicaragua is a dream come true for surfers, especially in the Pacific Ocean side of the country. One of the most famous beaches that surfers love to frequent is a place called Playa Maderas, which is known to have consistently good waves.

If you are a scuba diver, love to snorkel, or just want some incredible beach views, you have to visit Las Islas de Maiz, or the Corn Islands. There are two islands that make up the Corn Islands, and they’re about 40 miles east off the coast of Nicaragua. The reason people love to come diving out there because there are reefs, small canyons, and a lot of undisturbed marine life, especially on Little Corn because there are no cars on the small island.

Las Isletas or the Islets of Granada are a crazy archipelago in the middle of Lake Nicaragua slightly south from the city of Granada. What is so crazy about these islets is that there are a whopping 365 of them, and they were formed 25,000 in the aftermath of an eruption from the volcano Mombacho. Seeing these islets you’ll notice they’re completely green and are just remarkable to look at. You can also visit each one via boat or kayak!

Speaking of Mombacho, while you’re in Nicaragua why not live a little and hike a volcano? Though it’s not classified as extinct, it hasn’t been active since the early 16th century, so it’s definitely safe. On the volcano, there are hiking trails, beautiful views, and lush greenery.

What to Eat

No matter where you go in the country, there are some foods that you will see everywhere that you need to try. Gallo pinto is one of those dishes because it’s the national dish of Nicaragua! Though it just is a rice and beans dish, the flavors go way beyond whatever you’ve had in the past, and most people will even have it for breakfast!

Vigorón is another dish you have to try, and even though you can get it anywhere in the country, the best places to find it are on the streets in Granada. Vigorón is a dish of yucca, chicharrones, or pork rinds, topped with slaw, and is absolutely incredible. Mostly it is served out of a banana leaf, and you can eat it with your hands or a fork, but don’t bother going to a restaurant for it, just find a shady place to sit and eat it on the street.