New Zealanders Can Take “Mystery Break” Trips

Queenstown Hill, Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo by Ömer Faruk Bekdemir on Unsplash

Numerous countries around the world are still under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, but the situation in New Zealand is a bit different. Thanks to a quick and effective response back in March, they basically have no new cases and are free to travel locally.

In light of that, Air New Zealand recently launched an interesting campaign for New Zealanders in which they have a chance to go on a Mystery Break for a vacation.

The application for the Mystery Break is simple. The travelers pay one of three flat fees and the airline assigns them a destination out of their list of 20 routes. Travelers will not know the destination until two days before the trip. Don’t worry, there’s an option to say where you don’t want to go.

Depending on the type of arrangement (Great, Deluxe, or Luxury package), the prices range from NZ $599 to $1,629 per person for two nights. “You’ll fly Air New Zealand to your mystery destination, pick up your Avis rental car or transfer, then check in to your Accor hotel. Then it’s up to you. Go exploring, or just kick back and relax,” the airline’s website reads.