Need Some Sun? Check Out These Island Getaways

Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca, Spain. Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

By this point in the winter, most of us are feeling the lack of warm sunlight on our skin and the vitamin D this provides. If you’re planning a break, make sure it’s to somewhere where you can top up your tan and truly relax. An island getaway is the perfect option, especially as at this point in the year most resorts are more affordable than during high season.

Con Dao, Vietnam

This island remains (as yet) undiscovered by most tourists, so it has retained its traditional feel and quiet, secluded beaches. Walk for hours along the soft, white sand, relax in a hammock in the swaying breeze, and enjoy some of the island’s delicacies from one of the locally run eateries dotted across Con Dao.

Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s smallest inhabited islands is also one of its quietest. Just a few miles from the shore of Maui, this stunning island remains a well-kept secret. Escape here for access to stunning, secluded coves, luxury spa treatments at one of the island’s resorts, fresh, delicious food and some mind-bowing scenery.

Mallorca, Spain

This stunning island is accessible via flight or ferry from the Spanish mainland. Expect to find quiet, charming villages, beautiful scenery, five star food and plenty of beaches. There is a lot of history on the island, so you can spend some time exploring its ancient buildings and museums, or if it’s pure relaxation you want, head to one of the beaches for a day of sun, sand and sea.