Most Affordable Business Class Airlines

Photo of a business class airplane seat
Photo by Frugal Flyer on Unsplash

While renowned for wider seats, premium cuisine, and of course, flat beds, business class is a luxury that many travelers can only dream of. Fortunately, with some research, you can find some more affordable business-class upgrades. In order to save you time and effort, here are some of the most affordable airlines around when it comes to getting business-class tickets.

TAP Air Portugal

Despite being largely known as a budget airline, TAP Air Portugal also offers its own business class. This Portuguese airline regularly offers round-trip business-class flights to Europe for under $3,000, even going as low as $2,000 on some occasions.

Condor Airlines

As a central part of Europe, plenty of travelers frequently travel through Germany, thereby making use of local airlines. Still, Conder is a smaller German carrier that appears to have fallen through the cracks. Lesser known than other German airlines, Condor offers business class tickets for as little as $1,100 for its flight from New York to Berlin.

JetBlue Mint

You might be surprised to learn that this U.S. domestic carrier actually offers business class, albeit on selected aircraft and routes. One-way tickets from New York to Los Angeles start at around $700 while round trips start at $2,000. Not bad for seats that turn into a bed with a massage function.