Most Adorable and Practical Ways to Personalize Your Luggage

You know that feeling when you reach the baggage claim carousal, and can’t recognize your boring black suitcase in the sea of others that look the same way? We’ve all been there, but it’s possible to avoid the confusion by personalizing your luggage and making it easy to spot.

Colorful Suitcase

You’ll never have trouble immediately spotting your suitcase if you go with one that looks unique. Opt for fun prints, bright colors, and playful design, and you won’t be at risk of someone else accidentally taking your suitcase ever again.

Cute Tags

Luggage tags are an extremely popular way to personalize your bags, and they happen to be cute and practical at the same time. There are countless options on the market right now, and we’re sure you won’t have trouble finding one that perfectly reflects your personal taste.

Sticker Time

Stickers are also a great way to showcase your interest with your suitcase, but that’s not only things they’re good for. You can buy one in each new city you travel to and use your luggage to display all of the amazing journeys you embarked on before.