Moscow’s Most Stunning Metro Stations

There is perhaps no European city as stunningly gorgeous as Moscow, Russia. While there are plenty of beautiful spots to see all throughout the city, many find unexpected must-see sights simply while taking the city’s Metro to get from place to place.

Opened in 1935 and featuring stunning architecture from both the Soviet and modern eras, here are three stations that you have to check out for examples of just how striking this Metro can be.


Featuring a massive dome, eight murals depicting the struggle for the Russian fight for freedom and independence, gorgeous arches, and chandeliers, this station is one of the busiest in the system and arguably its most breathtaking. Be sure to get on Line 5 just to see this station.


Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the most well-known Russians of all time, known for works such as Crime and Punishment and The Double. In 2010, a station dedicated to his legacy and featuring murals from his most famous works was opened and is a must-visit for fans of his literature.


Another gem of Line 5 is Kiyevskaya, a station that can be considered an architectural masterpiece. Here, you will find golden arches and a design that was inspired by a contest in Kyiv and features dedications to both Ukrainian and Russian history.