Mauritius is the Perfect Vacation For Adventure Lovers

Mauritius is so much more than a beautiful beach vacation destination with sapphire waters and luxury resorts; it happens to be a great place for adventure lovers! There’s something for everyone from scuba diving and kite surfing to hiking the forested hills and enjoying the waterfalls. Here are some of the best activities in Mauritius for adventure seekers.

Hike at National Parks

If you like hiking, there are plenty of great spots in Mauritius. We suggest the Black River Gorges National Park because of the amazing scenery. The hiking trails are great for beginner hikers as well as advanced ones; they’re clearly marked and you can hike the forested hills while getting a close look at the waterfalls and deep gorges. You may even come across the island’s signature birds – the white-tailed tropicbird and endangered Mauritian kestrel.

Enjoy Water Sports

Why sit on the beach all day when you can enjoy scuba diving, kite-surfing, sea-karting, snorkeling, or parasailing? If this wasn’t incentive enough, most of the large resort hotels offer non-motorized water sports in their all-inclusive price. Plus, Mauritius is the only place that has sea-karting, which is a mix of speed cruising and swim breaks at the lagoons.

Zip Line Over a National Park

Beware, this is for the ultimate adrenaline junkies. You can fly over Casela Nature Park, a safari and adventure park, while zip-lining over canyons and getting splashed by water. These lines can fit up to four people in one ride – how fun does that sound?