Magical 3-Day Hiking Itinerary In Albania

Man on Rock Formation Near Lake Bovilla in Tirana, Tirana County, Albania
Tirana, Tirana County, Albania. Photo by Miguel Ceja via Pexels

Alright, adventure seekers, let’s talk about a place that’s flown under the radar for far too long—Albania. This country is like a treasure chest of natural beauty, from the rugged Albanian Alps to the soothing Ionian Sea, and it’s perfect for exploring on foot. Here’s a three-day travel itinerary to make your planning easy. 

Day 1: Valbona Valley National Park

Start your journey with a scenic ferry ride across Komani Lake to reach the heart of Valbona Valley. Spend your day hiking through “The Accursed Mountains,” where rugged trails lead to panoramic views. Overnight, consider staying at a traditional Albanian guesthouse.

Day 2: Theth National Park

Next, transfer to Theth to discover traditional stone houses and the quaint Theth Church set against the dramatic mountains. Hike to the Grunas Waterfall and the mesmerizing Blue Eye of Theth, a natural pool with crystal-clear waters. The perfect place for a refreshing dip. 

Day 3: Peaks of the Balkans Trail

Lastly, on your final day, venture onto the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, which crosses through Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. You don’t have to hike it all! Every section offers unparalleled views of the alpine landscape and a sense of untouched wilderness. Finally, return to Theth for a traditional Albanian dinner and maybe some local entertainment.