Luxor Isn’t The Only Stunning Temple That Egypt Has in Store

Edfu Temple, Egypt
Photo by AXP Photography on Unsplash

When it comes to Egyptian ancient temples, Luxor certainly takes center stage, but the magic of the country’s ancient wonders extends far beyond its borders. Awe-inspiring temples are scattered all around this African country, and these three will take you on a captivating journey to ancient times.

Abu Simbel Temple

Located near the border with Sudan, Abu Simbel Temples was commissioned by Ramses II, and it was actually relocated here from Aswan Dam. It consists of two temples carved into solid rock, and it’s a timeless testament to the greatness of ancient Egyptian architecture.

Temple of Kom Ombo

Safely tucked away on the banks of the Nile River, the Kom Ombo Temple is a constant reminder of the Roman influences on Egyptian architecture. This isn’t the only thing that sets Kom Ombo apart – this temple is also one of the rare few dedicated to two gods – the crocodile-headed Sobek and the falcon-headed Horus.

Edfu Temple

Speaking of Horus, Edfu is certainly the finest temple built in his honor. It’s one of the best-preserved Ptolemaic temples in Africa and it offers a remarkable glimpse into the sacred rituals and beliefs of the past through intricate carvings and ancient hieroglyphs on its walls.