3 Spots in Shanghai, China, Every Animal Lover Should See

Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai, 上海市中国
Photo by Harry Jing on Unsplash

Despite being one of China’s biggest metropolises, Shanghai has many delightful surprises in store for nature and animal lovers. If you fall under this category, here are three captivating attractions you should consider checking out during your visit to this city.

Shanghai Zoo

Pretty much every major city in China is home to a remarkable zoo, but Shanghai Zoo is truly one for the books. With 6,000 animals on its grounds, including native species such as giant pandas and South China tigers, this zoo offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. Swan Lake adds to its charm, and it’s a perfect place to observe a diverse array of bird species.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

If you’re in the mood to dive into the mesmerizing marine world while in Shanghai, this aquarium is just the thing you need. Its immersive tunnel is a sight to behold, and it will take you on a visual journey through coral reefs and a thrilling shark cove – only some of the exotic marine creatures you’ll get to see during your visit.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is an ideal destination if you’re in the mood for immersive animal encounters. Take a bus tour around the park for an up-close look at some of its wildest species, including tigers, rhinos, bears, and zebras.