Looking for a Luxury Stay? Check Out Hanoi, Vietnam’s 24-Karat Gold-Plated Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of living in gold? Well, you can when you stay at this Vietnamese hotel, which is the world’s first gold-plated hotel. Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam, opened its doors this summer.

The five-star hotel is surrounded in gold with gold-plated tubs, sinks, an infinity rooftop pool, and toilets. Yes, gold-plated toilets! The bathrooms are even complete with the yellow metal. In fact, to decorate the hotel, about a ton of gold was used.

The hotel is located near Giang Vo Lake, and it has 441 rooms. It sticks out from the other building in the area which are mainly Soviet-era structures.

To stay a night, rooms start at $250 and during your stay you can enjoy dishes topped with edible gold flakes, drink from golden cups, and drink coffee made from a coffee maker with gold details.

“At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world,” Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh Group, who owns the property, told Reuters

Other hotels that have 24-karat gold touches include The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach, which has a gold-lined pool, Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, which has gold bath amenities, and La Mansión in the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires, which has gold-trimmed wood paneling.