Lauterbrunnen’s Nature Paradise in Switzerland

Switzerland’s ice crested peaks are one of the most brilliant versions of the alps. Not only does it boast stunning peaks, but it also has 72 cascading waterfalls, green valleys, and inns to rent for your family and friends. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is famous for its glacier falls as well. The winters are extremely cold and the summers are great for hiking to the Mürren and the Lobhorn mountains. If you’re thinking of visiting a Winter Wonderland, Switzerland is the place to be.

On Car Rides and Feeling Infinite

The drive to Stechelberg is almost as captivating as the site itself. The alpine landscape shows off curvy hills and the scent of fresh air fills the mountainsides. You’ll feel like a million dollars after breathing the fresh air and witnessing the awesome sites.

Cable Car Adventure

If heights don’t scare you, try your luck on the cable car where you can see the Bernese Alps from your window. This spectacular sight will take you on a journey to the beautiful mountain peaks and lush greenery of Switzerland. It truly looks like a dream because nature is almost too good to be true.