Kickback In Kuala Lumpur

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia which borders Singapore and Thailand most directly. Kuala Lumpur is the capital and most populated city in Malaysia and has so much to offer. The population of Kuala Lumpur derives from many countries and ethnicities including Tamil, which is from Indian and Sri Lankan descent, Malay, Chinese, and indigenous citizens. Because of all of these groups of people inhabiting Kuala Lumpur, the city is vibrantly diverse and gives it a larger perspective of the world compared to other countries. It also means there is a true variety of activities and experiences to be had in this amazing city.

What To Do

Kuala Lumpur’s ethnic diversity translates to religious diversity as well. Scattered throughout the city are incredible temples, mosques, and general places of prayer that are both beautiful and tell the story of the people living there. Visit the limestone caves of the Batu Caves Temple, which is one of the most popular Hindu temples outside of India in the world. This temple is thought to be at least 400 million years old and requires each visitor to climb 272 steps to reach the three main caves.

If you are looking to stay on flatter ground, go to the Jamek Mosque, which is located in central Kuala Lumpur. This is the oldest mosque in the city, opened in 1909 and is frequented by many Muslim citizens in the city.

The Hainanese people of China built their own temple in the city in the late 1980s called the Thean Hou Temple. This highly decorated temple is a must see if you are coming to Kuala Lumpur.

Established in 1888, the Lake Gardens or Perdana Botanical Garden of Kuala Lumpur is a truly magnificent site. Located in the heart of the city, it is a wonderful place to relax and to enjoy all the parks and gardens within it. A great activity is to go to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, which displays local and international bird species.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of Malaysia and what life was like in the city historically, visit the National Museum, which is housed near the famous Lake Gardens and a great stop to make while you’re in the area.

What To Eat

Eating in this bountiful city is like being transported all over Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur holds so many different types of authentic cuisines, wherever you end up in the city you are bound to find something delicious.

Nasi lamek is the national dish of Malaysia, which is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and served with a pandan leaf. This dish gets tweaked and twisted depending on who is cooking it, and people can add anything from chicken to different curries. However you decide to go, you cannot leave the city without having first tried this dish.

Roti canai is a crispy bread dish native to India and can be found at many street carts. It is normally served with your choice of curry, sauces, and chutneys.