Japan’s Yomiuriland Offers Rentable Office Space on its Ferris Wheel

Working from home has been challenging for many and countries have found unique ways to make it more exciting while still keeping to social distancing. But few country’s solutions have been as interesting as Japan’s “Amusement Workstation” package which allows remote workers to rent a Ferris wheel gondola for the day at Yomiuriland amusement park.

Starting October 15 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $18 per person or $34 per pair, you can spend the workday at a “work booth” near the theme park’s pool. The package includes a table, chairs, Wi-Fi, outlets, and an hour-long reservation on the park’s Ferris wheel which has Wi-Fi.

While riding the Ferris wheel on a clear day, it’s possible to see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo’s skyscrapers from the top.

When the workday’s over, visiting workers can enjoy the theme park which includes a botanical garden and haunted house.

While visiting the park, visitors will have to follow the health and safety rules due to the pandemic like wearing a mask when social distancing isn’t possible. Some attractions or shops may be closed.

It’s also worth noting that due to the pandemic, more than 30 Japanese theme parks have asked visitors not to scream while on roller coasters to avoid contamination.