It’s Time to Take Virtual Vacations

There’s only one topic everyone’s talking about these days, and it’s the coronavirus pandemic. It has affected many lives in various ways and the travel industry is in a huge problem. Since it’s impossible to travel right now, here are some virtual tours you can take and see new places without leaving your home.

The Grand Canyon

The majestic Grand Canyon offers a virtual tour that you can take from any point on Earth. Enjoy 360-degree photos and go on a virtual hike exploring the famous Phantom Ranch. You can even go on a rafting trip down the Colorado River!

Machu Picchu

You’re just a click away from exploring the most exciting ancient site in Peru. Visit the virtual tour here and check out this 15-century citadel and the llamas that live there.

Vatican City

Did you know that there’s a virtual tour of Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, famous for Renaissance frescos? This may be your only chance to see the Sistine Chapel when it’s empty on the inside because it’s typically packed with tourists. Feel free to zoom in to explore individual paintings.