Is Skiplagging Worth It?

Person walking down empty airplane isle
Photo by Meghna R on Unsplash

As you probably know, finding good deals on flights can sometimes feel impossible. That’s why you may want to try a risky flying hack known as skiplagging. Here is your guide to skiplagging and deciding whether or not this neat trick is worth trying out.

What is Skiplagging?

While booking a direct flight to your chosen destination can be expensive, booking a different flight that has a layover in your destination of choice may turn out cheaper. For example, let’s say you want to fly from Washington D.C. to Dallas. While a direct flight may be expensive, a flight from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles with a layover in Dallas may be cheaper. In this case, you would fly to Dallas for your layover and simply not get on your flight to Los Angeles. Still, how risky is this maneuver?

The Risks

If you book a ticket like this, then make sure not to travel with checked bags as these will proceed to the final destination. Also, many airlines void tickets if they see this practice in use. So, make sure not to do this with your favorite airline if you choose to take the risk of doing some skiplagging.

The Benefits

Ultimately, skiplagging can save you a lot of money. So long as you avoid checking in baggage and taking the risk of doing this practice with your favorite airline, then skiplagging can certainly be worth a try.