Interview: Nido Asia is More Than an Art Gallery

Image via @nidoasia/Facebook

Located in Hong Kong, Nido Asia is a creative art space and more importantly, it is a community. Their slogan is “art is love” and hundreds of travelers stop by the gallery to meet like-minded individuals and share culture and positivity.

Every morning, the group gathers for group meditation and each contributes what they can to the community. Nido Asia keeps its doors open to everyone and their founder, Trevor, is one of the most remarkable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Nido Asia keeps its doors open to everyone and their founder, Trevor, is one of the most remarkable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Here is what he has to say about his unique vision and the source of inspiration for his artistic project.

What is your vision and where did you get your inspiration?

I am building a platform to integrate art, design and hand craftsmanship into the community and help people see the beauty of these things. The goal is to grow this platform and connect with others around the world spreading mindfulness and opening up the human conscience.

I was working in marketing and branding in the beauty industry. This is what inspired me to help other artists using my expertise in this community. I help them to communicate, market their work and display their art and creations on different social media platforms.

How do you manage to stay so positive?

As a child, my mother helped me to pay attention to prejudice against minorities and suffering around the world inspiring me to create change. I also volunteered to help disabled people. They taught me that no matter what happens in life if you keep believing in yourself you will succeed. Everything in the universe happens with a purpose. Now, everyone I meet gives me a lesson. I can always see the positive side of people’s actions and learn from them.

My goal of bringing a positive impact to this planet by increasing conscience and leaving the world in a better place for the next generation. I see this movement is happening and I will devote my life to furthering this mission.

Can you share a piece of advice with us that you have learned over the years?

My advice is to always listen to yourself and take action on what you believe. See the positives in everything around you and try to understand the message from the universe when you encounter difficulties.

Is there a specific experience which changed the way you see things?

I had a flat in Hong Kong which I allowed couch surfers to stay in. While I went on a trip to Taiwan, I gave a key to each of the couch surfers. When I came back from Taiwan one of the couch surfers had taken all my valuable belongings and had left.

At first, I was very upset because I had trusted this person with my home and was kind to them. After the second day, however, I realized I did not need all the things that were taken. The event helped me to feel lighter. I decided to forgive and move on.

I now understand the true meaning of sharing – everything belongs to those in need. I have since decided to give away my possessions to those in more need than myself.

How would you describe the experience you are offering?

A utopian tribe built by a resource sharing concept. People involved are willing to help and support each other. Everyone shares their skills, talents, and creativity, constantly learning and growing together. Rather than fixating on the stresses of life, people strive to achieve their passions, learning from happiness spreading it wherever they go.