Inside Am Dom Markt, Cologne’s Famous Christmas Market

Christmas market near the Dom church in Cologne, Germany. Photo by pwollinga/Depositphotos

Am Dom Markt is arguably one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets. Located in Cologne, the market is erected every year at the foot of the UNESCO heritage site, Cologne’s Gothic Cathedral.

On the last Monday before December 1, dozens of wooden booths pop up in the cathedral’s square. These booths sell all our Christmas favorites, from milled wine to roasted chestnuts. Walking through the square is like stepping into a Christmas fairytale. The flavors of the festive season waft through the air and dozens of lights line the streets.

Highlights of the market include an enormous natural Christmas tree, lit by 50,000 LED lights and red ribbons. There is also a beautiful carousel and live music at the bandstand.

Thousands of visitors flock to the market each year, only the crowds add to the festive atmosphere. If you are heading to Germany this winter in search of the magical nostalgic feeling of Christmas, you need not look further than Am Dom Markt.