Important Hotel Safety Tips to Know

Hotel safety tips
Photo by Edvin Johansson on Unsplash

One of the most common places for travelers to stay while they’re away is hotels, and it makes sense why. They’re incredibly convenient, they’re everywhere, and a lot of the time they feel safer than doing something like couch surfing. But the truth is that even hotels can have their dangers, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with a few key hotel safety tips before you stay in them, especially if you’re alone.

Don’t Stay on the Ground Floor or Top Floor

Whenever you can, request a room that isn’t on your hotel’s lowest or highest floor. The lowest floors are too easily accessible from the street while the highest leave you no place to go if there is an intruder making their way up the floors.

Inspect Your Room

When you get into your room, give it a thorough once-over, making sure that all of the window and door locks work and that there isn’t anything suspicious, like a nanny cam, to be found. If anything seems questionable, speak to the hotel staff.

Keep It Locked

This one may seem obvious, but as long as you’re in your room, keep all of the locks including the deadbolt locked, and by no means open your door to strangers.