If You’re Looking for the Best Burritos of Your Life, Go to This Spot in LA!

Los Angeles, California is famous for a lot of reasons. There’s Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood sign, but for foodies, people flock to LA for the amazing food scene. Since California is so close to Mexico, the Mexican food you can find in California is unlike anywhere else in the world.

But, there is one spot in LA that nowhere else can beat, and even though it’s a little hut, expect big, bold, flavors.

Yuca’s is a little hut in Los Feliz that’s been open since the 1970s and has since opened another location in Pasadena. Though there are plenty of places to get burritos in LA, there’s just something different about Yuca’s. The ingredients are so artfully prepared, and flavor combinations are super unique to people who’ve never had food from the Yucatan region of Mexico. While they do have things that might be familiar, a lot will be new which makes it even more exciting!

Though there are tacos, tortas, and more, the burritos are what people love the most about Yuca’s. One of the best is called Cochinita Pibil Burrito, which is a type of pork cooked in banana leaves for hours on end, resulting in the most tender, flavorful pork you’ve probably ever had. So if you find yourself in LA, you have to make eating at Yuca’s a priority.