If You’re a BBQ Lover, You Have to Visit These Countries

Photo by Tuân Nguyễn Minh on Unsplash

It is easy to love bar-b-que. The flavor imparted from the fire and whatever heat source you’re using just infuses into your food, making it even more delicious. If you’re someone who loves to devour food as you travel, you have to check out these amazing bbq countries.


Argentinians are some of the biggest meat-eaters in the entire world because they are also producing some of the best cuts of meat in the world. Argentinians are famous for their bbq meats called Asado, which is served at big gatherings usually with a really bright and slightly spicy sauce called chimichurri.

South Korea

Korean bbq is a trend that has swept the US for years, so it is no surprise that when you go to Korea you are overwhelmed by awesome bbq joints. One of the more popular types you will find is called beef bulgogi, but whatever type you choose, you will love the flavor.


Turkish food is not as widely known as other cuisines, but at the heart of it is a huge bbq culture. From kebabs to pitas and more, you will find a lot of meat, vegetables, and more being thrown onto a flaming hot grill.