If You Love Snow All Year Long, Visit These Locations!

Photo by Zeke Tucker on Unsplash

If you are more of a winter person, and you prefer the snow rather than the hot sun, today we give you some of the snowiest cities in the world – almost all year long! 

Valdez, Alaska 

This town is the snowiest place in the U.S., with over 300 centimeters of snow annually. Although small, Valdez is always packed with tourists who can do all kinds of winter sports or fish in the middle of the frozen lakes.   

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 

With about 200 centimeters of snow annually, Sapporo is one of the snowiest cities in the world. Sapporo is known for its local beer, but also for the snow festival, which has more than 2 million visitors every February. 


Aomori, Tohoku, Japan 

Aomori in Japanese means “blue forest”. The city got its name because of the snowy mountains and lakes that are always frozen so they look blue.  Combined with the unique Japanese architecture Aomori might be one of the most magical looking places on this planet.