If You Don’t Mind Getting Your Hands Dirty, You Should Try WWOOFing

Photo by Max on Unsplash

WWOOFing is the act of participating in WWOOF, which stands for the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or sometimes Willing Workings on Organic Farms. This organization connects people who want to work on farms all over the globe with farmers who need a bit of help. In return, you get to stay at the farm for free, and sometimes food will be provided for you as well. These farms are sometimes large scale operations, or sometimes very small, but wherever you go, it’s a great experience.

Doing WWOOF is such a cool opportunity because it gives you the flexibility of housing wherever you need it. Though it costs about $20 to become a member, after that, everything is absolutely free. This is such a great way to see places you might not have seen before and go to places that are too expensive or out of reach.

Not only is WWOOF beneficial for people who like to travel, but it’s also a really unique experience in being exposed to local people from different places and the way they live and eat. WWOOF gives you the chance to go beyond your comfort zone and learn so much about yourself and others, so why not give it a shot!