How to Travel Safely During the Coronavirus

Photo by Janis Oppliger on Unsplash

The novel Coronavirus has effectively ended mainstream travel. Airlines have been all but shut down, most borders closed, and even parks and beaches have been closed in some countries. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t get outside. Here are some tips on how to travel safely after following each country’s guidelines.

Exploring Ghost Towns

Social distancing is the best way to fight the virus so what better way than by exploring a ghost town! Traveling alone is a great way to take some time to think and listen to music, and also to ensure you are not coming into contact with other people. Many abandoned mining towns are located throughout the country including Centrali, PA in the East, St. Elmo, Colorado, and Bodie, CA in the West.

Solo Hiking

There’s nothing like nature to help refresh your mind and lift up your spirits. While most national parks and some local parks are closed, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that has something open, head out for a small hike with a backpack and snacks, and enjoy the quiet, fresh air. Just make sure to follow the guidelines each country and state has in place.

Virtual Travel

If you are in a country where going out is not an option, or you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home, then do the next best thing- virtual traveling! Take the time to go organize your old pictures and journals and smile at the old memories, or even better, plan your next trip. Look up destinations that have always interested you or read or watch a video about your next dream trip.