How to Transport Christmas Gifts With You

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash

If you’re heading away just before Christmas, the chances are you’ll want to bring some Christmas gifts home with you.  Whilst buying gifts from a trip away is a great idea, packing them can prove tricky. Here are three tips on transporting Christmas gifts with you.

Pack Wrapping Paper

Bubblewrap and tissue paper take up no room or weight allowance in your luggage, but they will allow you to wrap any gifts you buy so that they are protected for the journey home. Bring some sellotape or ribbon too, but remember that sharp objects such as scissors won’t get through in hand luggage. 

Ask Vendors to Wrap For You

If you buy from independent stores of marketplaces, the chances are the vendor will be happy to wrap your gifts for you. This saves you time and hassle and protects the items for the trip home.

Leave Some Room

When you’re packing to go away, remember that you’ll probably be returning with plenty of gifts. Only bring the essentials and leave room for those gorgeous gifts and special buys.