How to Summon the Courage to Travel Solo for the First Time

Photo by Jérémie Crémer on Unsplash

Traveling solo is an empowering, enjoyable, and fun experience—yet many people never give it a try. Hitting the road on your own can feel scary in the beginning, so here are a couple of tips you can use to summon the courage for your first solo trip.

Brand-New Experience

Things you’ve never done before often feel terrifying, but we tend to realize they’re not so scary after trying them for the first time. Solo travel is no different and it will get much easier as the time goes by—you just have to tell yourself to try it once!

Stay Close

If you’re scared you’ll get lost in the new country and struggle to communicate with the locals, exploring local attractions is also an option. Pick a destination in your own country, before summoning enough courage to explore foreign ones.

Short Trips

One of the best things about traveling solo is meeting new people, but there’s nothing wrong about being an introvert and struggling to make new connections. If loneliness scares you, stay on the road for a couple of days at first.