How to Spot Signs of Travel Burnout and How to Manage It

Travel Burnout
Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

Traveling is an amazing experience. Getting to explore different parts of the world, trying new things, and meeting loads of people is an incredible thing to do. But it is often very exhausting too, and sometimes can become too much. Travel burnout is very common, but can be easily dealt with if identified. Here are some warning signs, and what to do if you notice them.

You Feel Irritable

So often when we feel overwhelmed and stressed it shows up in frustrating ways such as feeling irritable and snappy. If you’re finding that things are getting on your nerves and you feel agitated, then this may well be due to burnout.

You Feel Numb

While this may sound contradictive to the above point, they can occur simultaneously which is a difficult sensation. If you start to feel distanced from what’s going on around you and feel a bit lost, then this is a classic sign of burnout. 

What to Do

If you’re noticing these signs, just remember it is normal. Ultimately, you are probably very tired and overstimulated, and really just need some downtime. Take some time to rest and recuperate. Have a nap or read a book to give your mind some peace. If you feel like it, call a friend or family member from home to hear a familiar voice.