How to Find Affordable Accommodation in Toronto

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If Toronto happens to be one of your dream destinations, start saving money right away, since a visit to this city doesn’t come cheap. Accommodation can come with a pretty high price tag, and here’s a couple of ways to save money on your stay.


Finding cheap accommodation in Toronto is a mission impossible, and you’ll usually have to pay over 30 bucks for something decent – even for a hostel dorm. Airbnb is actually your best bet in this case since you’ll have a much easier time finding an affordable option near downtown.

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Couchsurfing comes with its ups and downs, but it allows you to find free accommodation across the globe. The Facebook group Host a Sister is also an option for female travelers who have safety concerns about Couchsurfing.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you’re planning to explore Toronto for a longer period of time, volunteering at farms, community homes, and hostels is one possible solution. You can use websites as Workaway to find a perfect volunteering opportunity that suits your needs.