Here’s How to Prepare to Eat Out in Foreign Countries

While you might think that you don’t need to do much in order to prepare for trips to restaurants in foreign countries, it’s actually hugely beneficial to do a little bit of studying before doing so. By doing this, you will become a little more familiar with some of the customs that govern dining out wherever you may be traveling to.

Here are some questions to research before dining out abroad.

Learn the Typical Meal Times

One big obstacle to eating out while on trips abroad is a lack of knowledge about typical meal times. Many Americans have been frustrated when realizing that no restaurants in Spain are open and serving dinner at 6:30 pm, for example. Do your research and know when the locals eat!

Explore Local Dishes

Let’s be honest, here. No one travels to Medellin to eat hamburgers or to Tokyo to eat pizza. One important thing that will help you decide what types of restaurants to seek out and what dishes to order is simply by finding out a little bit about local cuisines and specialties.

Familiarize Yourself with Tipping Customs

In some countries, diners aren’t expected to leave a gratuity for servers and waitstaff, while in others, up to a 20 or 25% tip is considered normal if you receive good service. Knowing the expectations for tipping wherever you travel is important if you want to avoid an awkward situation.