Cardiff, Wales is an Underrated UK Destination

Wales is a little country in the United Kingdom that often gets overlooked since it’s up against so many other amazing countries and cities in Britain. But, if you take the time to visit, you will have such a magical experience in this gorgeous slice of heaven. Cardiff is the capital and is said to have been inhabited since 6000 BC! If you want to explore this historic and vibrant city, there’s plenty of Cardiff for everyone.

What to Do

Cardiff Castle is one of the most famous sites in the city, so it’s a must-see. The castle was built over 2000 years ago, although it has been renovated many times, but the moat that surrounds it remains original and was built in the 11th century! The castle is right in the city center, so it is super easy to access.

St. Fagans National History Museum is another well-known site in Cardiff and is most definitely worth a visit. St. Fagans isn’t a normal museum, but actually a living museum! When you go, you can see people doing normal crafts, trades, and chores from historical eras, and even farm animals that are raised on the premises! The museum covers over 100 acres and also hosts a lot of events and festivals, but the very best part is that’s totally free! It’s really the perfect activity for people of all ages.

For an interesting shopping experience, visit one of Cardiff’s many arcades! These arcades aren’t the ones with games, but instead, Victorian buildings that house adorable shops and boutiques. The buildings themselves are really elaborate and beautiful, and the perfect place to even just window shop.

Since Cardiff is a coastal city, do be sure to take advantage of the location! To enjoy some proper fish and chips and see more Victorian-era architecture, go down to the Penarth Pier. The pier was first built in the late 19th century and has shops and stunning sea views.

The National Museum of Cardiff is another place you have to hit. This museum is huge and full of exciting exhibits about zoology, anthropology, archaeology, and more! What’s even nicer about it is that admission is free, so enjoy a day there and save some money while you’re at it.

If you need a little break from city life, you can always pop over to Brute Park to enjoy the natural landscape of Wales. Located right in the middle of Cardiff, you can kick back next to the River Taff and take a load off.

Dining and Nightlife

If you want to experience the oldest standing pub in Cardiff, you have to go to Rummer Tavern. This bar has been opened since 1713 and is right next to the Cardiff Castle, so after you’ve taken a look around, pop over to Rummer Tavern for a pint.

For a dining experience that’s totally unique, you have to go to Chapel 1877. This restaurant is actually inside a converted chapel, which makes for a really interesting and definitely romantic evening with incredible classic fare.

The Clink is another restaurant that goes beyond just serving traditional but high-end Welsh food. The Clink is actually run by inmates to help them train to be in the hospitality business after they’re released from prison.