How to Feel at Home When You’re Traveling

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

Traveling can be a daunting and at times isolating experience. For all the adventure, novelty, and excitement, none of us are immune to feeling homesick. Here are 5 easy tips to help you feel more at home while traveling.

Pack Photos

A great way to feel connected with home is to bring photographs of your loved ones. This will help you feel that you’re not alone and that they are not so far away.

Develop a Routine

It can be harder to do this if you are on the road all the time, but getting into a routine is a wonderful way of getting habituated to new environments. They offer a sense of control and orientation, wherever you are.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

If you can, try and listen to music from home if the homesick blues start coming your way. This can have a magical effect, transporting you back to your loved ones.

Bring Smells from Home

This could be something like perfume, a candle, or essential oil, something that evokes your home environment.

Potted Plants

Looking after potted plants can be an effective way of staving off homesickness. The act of caring for something else can help you feel calm, relaxed and not alone.