Here’s Why Santander, Spain Should be Added to Your Travel List

Santander, Spain
Santander, Spain. Photo by Frederick Adegoke Snr. on Unsplash

Santander is a port city on the north coast of Spain, a popular destination for ferry travel. It’s the capital of Cantabria and has a unique culture and bustling streets full of character. If you’re looking for the next place to plan your travels to, then this exciting city may well be the perfect choice. Here are some reasons why.

Surrounding Scenery

Situated on the coast the views of the sea from Santander are a great reason to spend some time there. With little clusters of rocks and small islands dotted across the surrounding coastline, you won’t tire of the beautiful views. Along with this, there are several stunning mountain ranges visible from the streets.

Perfect to Visit Nearby Countryside

If you enjoy city breaks and being in nature, then Santander is perfect. You can enjoy the vibrant streets and then easily travel to nearby national parks and hill and mountain ranges. Having this wide range of options means you’ll have plenty to do while staying here. 

History and Culture

There are stunning buildings to be seen while wandering around the old town, and the incredible cathedral is well worth a visit. As well as this a huge royal palace makes for some seriously grand architecture and fascinating history.