Have You Visited Luxembourg Yet?

Photo by GukHwa Jang on Unsplash

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe but there’s plenty to do and see there. From walking in the green, water-rich nature to visiting its charming towns, from sailing in the river to climbing to the ancient castles that are on top of hills, there’s truly something for everyone in this country.

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Bourscheid, Luxembourg 🇱🇺

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Although it is located in the heart of Western Europe, surrounded by three wonderfully touristy countries—Belgium, France, and Germany—Luxembourg remains one of the most unnoticed countries in Europe. 

Those who do visit Luxembourg will discover a beautiful country, with an ancient capital city perched on a cliff, wooded hills, ancient castles, picturesque villages, green valleys, and a wine region with vineyards and wineries.

Those visiting Luxembourg can enjoy museums, nature walks, luxury hotels, and lots of attractions for children.

Amonf the best things to do with children are Luxembourg’s amazing parks, for which admission is free. We recommended spending some time in the “Merveilleux children Park”. The park has many attractions for the whole family, such as playgrounds, a fairytale forest, displays of exotic birds, a zoo, a pony farm, a miniature train, an indoor playground, mini-golf, and climbing facilities.