Have the Best Time in London, UK, By Doing What Locals Do

Primrose Hill, London.
Primrose Hill, London. Photo by Sara Groblechner on Unsplash

London, UK, is one of those cities where you can get a different experience based on the approach you take. You’ll have a great time if you just hit the tourist attractions and engage in tourist activities. But you can also have an even better time if you do what locals do.

 Get Some Fish & Chips

There is a reason why fish & chips are so popular across the UK: they are delicious and comforting. Skip going to a restaurant one night and get that greasy, paper-wrapped order of fish & chips from the nearby food joint. Pair it with some beer and see what all the fuss is about.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Primrose Hill

Forget about the London Eye and other panoramic platforms in London. If you want to enjoy a great view of the city, head to Primrose Hill. This public park is bellowed by locals because it offers stunning panoramic views for free, and there are also so many other things to do here. From a relaxing picnic on pristine green spaces to opportunities for outdoor activities, Primrose Hill really has it all.

Shop at Brick Lane Market

Forget about trendy stores and big shopping malls. If you really want a true London shopping experience, head to Brick Lane Market. You’ll find all sorts of fashion items and accessories for cheap, alongside antiquities, crafts, household items, and much more. 

Ride The Tube

Forget about buses and taxis while you are in London. Sure, they look good, but they are anything but efficient or cheap. Instead, ride the subway, or “The Tube,” as locals call it. It is the fastest and cheapest way to get from point A to point B and gives you a great insight into the everyday life of Londoners.