Four Things You Can Only Find In the Southwestern U.S.

Pueblo Revival style architecture.
Photo by Jeff Burak on Unsplash

The Southwest Region of the U.S.—which includes Louisiana, New Mexico, and Nevada among other states—has its own unique and fascinating culture. Here are some of the foods, sights, and experiences you can only get in the southwest.

Cactus Fries and Chile Sauce

The food in the Southwest is a blend of Mexican and Native American cuisines. One staple of the region is chile sauce, made of Hatch Valley chiles. It comes in green, red, or Christmas (both green and red) variations.

Another popular and distinct Southwestern food is cactus fries or nopales. According to some claims, nopales taste like sour string beans.

Pueblo Revival style architecture

Many structures in the region resemble the homes of Pueblo natives built before the arrival of the European settlers. They are usually made of sun-dried mud and have thick walls, rounded exteriors, square windows, and heavy wood accents.

Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City is a community of 50,000 residents in Arizona. In the summer the temperatures in the area reach well above 100 degrees, making it the hottest place in the US. Southwesterners like to stay in Lake Havasu City for the waterfront and the hiking trails.

The Burning of Zozobra

Every Labor Day, the city of Santa Fe builds a 50-foot figure known as Zozobra out of cloth, wire, and wood. People stuff Zozobra with printed letters describing their worries and fears. The figure is then burned, and people watch all their suffering go up in flames as well.