Four African Architectural Styles that You Must See

Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

Despite featuring unique and intriguing features, African architectural styles are unfortunately overlooked in society. Visitors to Africa, however, have undoubtedly found that the continent’s architecture has plenty to offer.

If you find yourself traveling to this diverse continent, seek out these architectural styles!

Sudano-ahelian Architecture

This type of architecture is found in the West African Sahel regions, on the border between fertile, rainy areas and the Saharan desert. It’s characterized by mudbricks and adobe plaster, using natural materials, and looks positively fascinating.

Nubian Architecture

This ancient architectural style can be found in Egypt and Sudan and, in some cases, dates back many millennia. Builders at this time used the limited resources available to them to make amazing structures.

Swahili Architecture

The area of Southeast Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania, has always maintained close contact with other societies due to trading. This led to Arab and Asian architecture influencing this fascinating style.

Moroccan Riads

These traditional Moroccan houses contain a central open-air courtyard. They have multiple levels and usually feature a variety of striking colors and beautiful tiles.