Find Inspiration with Anne, The Travel Foodie!

Have you ever felt like eating your way around the world?

While there are lots of great things to do and sights to see while traveling, sometimes, the best thing to do is simply eat! All of the peoples and regions of the Earth have a huge variety of cuisines that can be experienced by travelers.

One of the travel foodies that have inspired us recently has been Anne, a Dutch blogger that has traveled to over 60 different countries in search of the best bites to eat.

In addition to her blog, Anne also maintains an Instagram account (@anne_travel_foodie), where she posts pictures of the best bites to eat that she’s had on her travels, as well as at home!

We loved this shot of one of Anne’s breakfasts on a trip to Crete. It perfectly shows off how harmonious eating and travel can be. Can you imagine enjoying breakfast with a view like this?!

In addition to her posts about food, you can also find shots of the cities to which she travels from time to time. And trust us, there are plenty of places to check out on her page!

Be sure to give Anne a follow if you love traveling and food as much as I do.