Famous Lighthouses to Light Up Your Day

Eldred Rock Lighthouse. Image by Joseph/Flickr

Lighthouses have always been used to help sailors find their way home, as a mark of land ahead of them, providing them with a safe arrival. Many of them are in interesting locations and have unusual architecture, so why not pay them a visit and check them out? Here are some lighthouses that may light up your day!

Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Haines, Alaska 

The oldest remaining lighthouse in Alaska just proves that this country has the most beautiful landscapes. Surrounded by Chilkat Range, with a red roof, this lighthouse leaves an impression on everyone. The legend says that Clara Nevada, which shipwrecked in the lighthouse, sank and 800 pounds of gold that were in the ship have disappeared. 

Block Island Southeast Light, Rhode Island 

Built in Italian style and Gothic Revival, this lighthouse stands out from the others. It’s a real refreshment.  

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, North Carolina 

It’s one of the most recognizable lighthouses, its beacon can reach 20 miles offshore, so it’s pretty powerful. It has 248 spiral stairs if you want to take a look inside. It may look like a candy, but this lighthouse is 208 foot, Cape Hatteras will leave you a huge impression.